Jingle all The Way!

By Marian Sharaf Joseph

Yogen Fruz

It was the night before Christmas Eve; and I was stuck downtown transporting one of the biggest Christmas trees in the city. Placing last minute order with The Daughters of St Paul wasn’t easy; the nuns had almost wound up their work and were closing for Christmas. Merci! They had the best possible Christmas tree and the most beautiful tree ornaments not even commercial shops had. I remember till a few Christmases back, we’d drive around the town looking for places that paid honor to Christmas. There was hardly any. Tonight the tree was going to Yogen Fruz. Goodwill gestures such as putting up the tree bring people together; it creates bond of harmony and peace. It wasn’t just another tree. The selection of the finest tree parceled from across the world showed Yogen Fruz and its team’s effort to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Thanks to the Windy City Girls from Chicago for dropping by at last minute and staying up till late to decorate Yogen Fruz Christmas Tree. The Windy City Girls, Dj Michelle and aspiring designer Naintara, were thrilled to help deck it up. “It hadn’t felt like Christmas in Lahore since I returned. The whole ambiance at Yogen Fruz was filled with the holiday spirit. It felt good; people stopping by offering help as we continued decorating the tree. Yogen Fruz gave us an experience rich in Love, Peace and Harmony. It made me feel at home.”

A good cup of Ho Ho Froyo under the mistletoe brought incredible delight to Yogis – ones who love Yogen Fruz. It seemed it had almost become a ritual for everyone dropping by to sit under the tree with a cup of Fro-yo and make last minute wish lists for Santa. The huge range of flavors along with special flavor of the week has made the holiday season fun.  There is so much to savor; peanut butter flavor topped with crushed coconut, chocolate chunks, nuts and fresh fruits brought to us from world over added excitement to our festive moods. “Yogen Fruz exactly knows what people want. With Christmas and cricket fever on, and New Year just a few days ahead; Yogen Fruz has something for everyone. My friends and I dropped in to celebrate Pakistan’s victory over India at the cricket match. But with Christmas spirit high at Yogen Fruz, the celebration became all the more enthralling. It was the right place to choose to celebrate victory, holiday spirit and ending of 2012,” said Moazzam Shah, a regular customer at Yogen Fruz.

There’s been nothing more exciting than sitting beside Yogen Fruz Christmas tree enjoying my waffled filled fro-yo. It makes one believe despite socio-doldrums the country seems to be in Love, Peace and Harmony lives. All we need to do is blend it, top it and mix it and share it with family, friends and even strangers. A cup full of Yogen Fruz topped with Love will surely bring you Peace in the year to come – A Happy Fro-yo 2013!

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