Jiah Khan Life story to be a film?

Jiah Khan

Every time there is a tragedy or an incident that grabs national headlines, B-town filmmakers are first to go out and claim that they’re making a film on it. Be it the Anna Hazare protests, the Jessica Lall murder case or any other incident that is widely reported, it eventually gets turned into a film. At times these productions hit the mark with sensitivity and accuracy, while at other times they’re made – not very well – merely to capitalise on the incident and are plain cheesy.

This is what is happening with the recent shocking suicide of Jiah Khan. Little known filmmaker Rikshhit Matta has said that Jiah’s tragedy has inspired him to make a film, which he has tentatively titled Bold Bollywood that takes on the underbelly of Bollywood and puts the spotlight on the pressures that starlets deal with, pressures that push them over the edge and make them take such drastic steps as taking their own lives. Matta, who has previously directed B-grade films like Shaadii Ke Liiye Loan and Mr. Money, claims that the idea came to him before Jiah took her own life. He also claimed that he had even spoken with Jiah about the project when he met her at a nightclub a while before she died. “Jiah was full of joy and had shown interest in the subject, but when she heard that one of characters in the film has a tragic end, she said it was too depressing. I am aghast – how can Jiah do the same with her life!” said the director, who now wishes to base a character in his planned movie on Jiah and her life.

it’s just too soon for this kind of film to be made on the young starlet’s life. After all, she had just started making something of her career and could have gone places if she had managed to get past the heartbreaks she faced. But whatever the case, we hope Matta discusses his plans with Jiah’s family before he goes any further with his movie. And just for the record, this one totally reeks ‘publicity stunt’!

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