J&H Studio At Loreal Present PFDC Bridal Week 2019 Day 2

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J&H Studio made its PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2019 debut with the collection, “Kaleido Nyfi”, which in ancient Greek means ‘The most beautiful form of a bride’. Influenced by the 18th century optical instrument Kaleidoscope, J&H Studio celebrates the facets of a sense of symmetry and balance to ultimately create a cohesive composition. The authority of shape and proportion can be seen in the collection. At times it may be intense, soft or it may just quiver the senses. With a vision to reinvent classic silhouettes and translating them into luxurious fabrics while keeping things sleek and architectural in terms of design, “Kaleido Nyfi” is an exploration of essentials rendered with simplicity, elegance, purity and tonality. Intricately embellished by hand, the collection features fabrics such as silk, organza and tissue with a color palette comprising of whites to gold segue to delicate embroideries in saturated hues of fuchsia, turquoise, tangerine, greens and cerulean. From cholis to lengthened hemlines, the motifs and colors, the collection is inspired by the Italian Florentine and Mughal frescos.