Jazz installed first ever 60ft long slide at Packages mall: Pakistan’s fastest Internet provider!

Marked a significant place in Pakistan’s mobile network fraternity, Jazz has been proudly serving its loyal clientele for past 25 years and continue to do so. Burgeoning importance of fastest data and Internet services calls for the reliable data network and it seems like Jazz has lived up to expectations of millions in terms of services, quality and spectacular internet speed. Jazz is not only the leading telco with the widest 2G coverage, the largest 3G customer base, and the fastest 4G network. Furthermore, accentuating its status in the realm of mobile and network arena, the brand has won Ookla speed award three times in a row and that too by a huge margin. Around 20 million relishing the satisfactory services from the biggest data network in Pakistan aka Jazz.

Resonating to it’s class and grandeur, an interactive activity had been conducted in Packages mall by Jazz. Taking to utterly new level by installing a 60ft long slide, a perfect manner to go downstairs with exhilarating vibes. Jazz Super 4G’s awesome installation/activation intensifies an entirely distinctive idea that is exemplary and illustrates the fastest internet service.

Scintillating owing to it’s digital amenities, Jazz has crafted out the true essence of digital experience. Hence, play an eminent part in the taking the country forward and engraved it’s name at the top when it comes to steadfast and consistent internet services. Upgrading the standard of living via providing international standard internet 4G speed, Jazz has always remained ahead of the game.

Have always endorsed youth at every ground, this specific activity truly demonstrates the energetic vibes corresponds to the exquisite notion. Installing a branded slide sheerly brings out an enthralling edge subsequent to wave of fun and entertainment by the social media influencers.

As the new incursion of networks have taken over the mobile industry, Jazz is always at the forefront in the digital regime and continues to pave it’s way to ultimate altitudes.

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