Javed Bahsir abandoned Mekaal Hassan Band and released his Album in India

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Mekaal Hasan (a leading Pakistani musician and record producer) formed his band in 1999 in Lahore, Pakistan. In the beginning the band played all instrumental music featuring Mekaal’s instrumental record ‘Square One’. The Mekaal Hasan Band is one of those bands who have faced many hardships with time. People around the world have enjoyed their distinct-sounding music, which blends classical sangeet, Jazz and Sufi rock. Both of (Mekaal Hassan Band) MHB’s studio albums – Samporan (2004) and Saptak (2009) – received phenomenal response, and they will soon be coming out with a new album titled Andholan. Initially the band Vocalists were Javed Bashir and Riaz Ali Khan. But Javed Bashir has left the band in early 2010, it was assumed a rumor in the beginning but afterwards it is confirmed through multiple sources. On asking Mekaal Hasan about the situation he answered; “Javed Bashir will not be singing for Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB) as he has his personal commitments to attend to.

MHB will be featuring new singers from here on who will be traditional based singers as was Javed Bashir.” And now Javed Bashir departs from Mekaal Hasan Band and Asad Abbas, the first Pakistan Sangeet Icon Winner has become a part of MHB as a lead Vocalist. This didn’t fade away Javed Bashir’s talent; recently he released his own album, “Subrang”. His first solo album, ‘Subrang’ has been released in India through Times Music, and will be released in Pakistan soon. ‘Subrang’ is Javed’s first solo album, after he left Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB). Javed had been the lead vocalist for the band since first it organized. Subrang is a soulful album, which includes various genres of music – Classical, Pop, Sufi, & Punjabi Folk. The album included a thumri “Naina More” of Javed’s spiritual guide Ustad Bade Ghulaam Ali Khan.

For the first time his younger brother Aamir Bashir also sang in the album including two tracks featuring his originally composed and sung by Ustad Bade Ghulaam Ali Khan, and also features one song sung by his other brother Aamir Bashir. Javed after commented about his new album; The Subrang album is the result of my days and nights of sincere efforts. I want to thank my Lord, my father Ustad Bashir Ahmed Khan and teacher Ustaad Mubarik Ali Khan, without whom prayers, I could never have come so far.  I also want to dedicate the same to my spiritual teachers Ustaad Salamat Ali Khan, Ustaad Ameer Ali Khan and Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab.this album will touch the musical chords of every type of audience from professionals who have deep knowledge of music to listeners who have good taste for good music and good quality singing.

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