It’s time to take some time out for yourself: Check out these 4 destinations in Pakistan that are must visit!

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Summer vacations have started off and the travelers have already packed their bags to head towards the beauty of Pakistan. Recently declared one of the best places to visit in the world, Pakistan has multi-cultural and diversity of beauty in certain regions that tourists surely can’t resist to wander in! The Northern side of Pakistan is enriched with natural yet overwhelming sights that are still undiscovered. Every time traveler shares exquisite experience at the north clearly defines the ultimate stunning travel destinations we own. Unfortunately, due to terrorist attacks people are afraid to embrace the beauty of nature but darkness never stays forever and we can see group of tourists come to visit Pakistan to travel! 

Here are 5 destinations that you visit as soon as possible, if you haven’t made plans as yet there is still time for you grab your backpack and avail this summer in the coolest way! 

Hunza Valley: 

Travelers are just obsessed with this northern part of Pakistan,close to Gilgit Baltistan, this valley has a lot more to offer than just gigantic landscape. Changing skies, ever lasting beauty and colourful mountain peaks are enough to bring chills down our spines. The soothing effect of the nature has been served in this valley for many years now. There are certain spots besides and within this valley that you take voyage to and explore the nature while being a part of it! 

Ganesh Historical settlement, Baltit and Altit Fort, Attahbad Lake, Shimshal Valley and Pass, Passu cones and glacier, Khunjerab Pass (Pak-China Border), must visit these spots to explore Hunza the best way! 

Fairy Meadows: 

You must be craving for some cool breeze in this scorching summer heat,aren’t you? It’s time to encounter it effectively by heading towards the heaven on earth “Fairy Meadows”. A place which is resemblance of a paradise and definitely gives us a glimpse of divinity. Near to Nanga Parbat (the killer mountain), it includes lush green meadows surrounded with alpine trees and dark forest. To reach there you have to be adventurous enough to take risky routes to your destination. Afterall, it’s not that easy to see the reflection of heaven! Not usually open in winters, it’s time to get enchanted by the coolest place in Pakistan right now! 

Sharan Forest: 

Located near Naran and Shugran mountains, Sharan Forest is the place which is still not known by many travelers but it’s surely a must visit place for all the adventure lovers as many wild animals are out and about in the forest and you have to do camping amidst the dark forest around you! That’s epic, no? 

A 3 hour jeep travel on rocky mountains will make your heart pound so louder that you can would get a notion of falling deep into the steep land! 

Naltar Valley: 

Have you ever seen sky changing colours? Well, if you are captivated by the sky festivities, then this is a must visit place for you guys to relish the views you have never witnessed before. Surrounded by stupendous mountain peaks and beautiful sights would definitely make your summer worthwhile!