It’s all about the timing, believes ‘Dhoom 3’ team

Dhoom  3

Industry insiders believe that ‘Dhoom 3’ has played a masterstroke by freezing their release date as December 20. The film releases on a regular Friday, but will benefit from an additional Christmas holiday that falls in the middle of the week.

“Earlier, December 25 was being contemplated as the release date. But then Yash Raj Films brain-stormed further and decided to do it on 20 so that the film gets an additional five days of the holiday season — since that’s the time people go out and splurge the most,” says an insider adding, “The film now effectively has 10 days, from December 20-29  i.e., two weekends and one national holiday to make the most at box office collections.”

Of course, the film’s content and script will have to speak for itself, but it doesn’t hurt to have a strategy/plan  in place now, does it? We think not.

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