It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a massive event like karachi eat festival.

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It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a massive event like karachi eat festival and we may announce this that we played our roles with loyalty and dedication. Yes our part being the food stuffers ( not sure if such a word exist). We ate even after we could not stuff our mouths anymore hence risking our lives to choke up (things u need to do as a foodie).
Karachi eat festival 2019 was a hit as far as the local luxury was concerned. Local luxury is all about less traffic jam and good parking spot which was not so bad in just Rs.30! They nailed it.It was very well organised. It was a three day family oriented fun filled festival organised by CKO and held at the beach view park clifton. With all due respect, the organisers chose a very logical venue this time as compared to the past. At Least it spared us time which was well taken inside ( no offence!)

Moving further, as always there was a huge crowd this festival had to entertain so lets come back to the spare us a time talk. Anyhow bypassing the entrance as it was the most boring part,Awaiting inside, there were a total of 90 stalls ready to brush off the last penny out of you. These stalls were selected by jury members amongst 400 entries. Comeon! It must have been tough for them.
We would definitely not get into each and everyone of them rather lets just highlight the ones which managed to push through and into the limelight. Every stall had items with a price range from Rs200 to Rs500 plus which would have taken anyone at a total of over 500rs after paying Rs 300 at the entrance for ticket ( better have more cash or brains to use it right).
Lets talk about the star of the show BUTTER BEER BY SOL
This mind boggling drink was worth it. They had a great demand for it so and so that we bought 4 at once after evaluating the amount of craze for it and visually seeing no possibility of actually coming back in a never ending que.
Butter beer was a fiction for us as we well heard it from the Harry potter. Now we have had it and it was marvelosus ( a new spell has been invented i guess)

Next stop was a bit overhyped. Well maybe i am being very polite by just adding the pretext bit. Overhyped to the core! THE BURGER BROS. It took us ages to fetch the mini sliders, absolutely the most expensive thing lacking size and flavor on the top! I thought every stall had their limits to 300 or max 400. These people decided to sell their flop mini slider at Rs550! I could have purchased a whole meal out of it. I regret to waste my time and money. It was a huge disappointment. Writing about disappointments, another name that clicks my mind NO LIES FRIES. Well they were overhyped too. The reason for this was simple, their was no wow factor to it. Those were simple fries with sauce on it. We didn’t find it worth the wait because the waiting was tremendously long! but anyhow we spared our souls the regret of not having it at least.

To make us happy, it was khurram’s smile and jolly nature. Well it was also his steak strips served at CFU. They were juicy, perfectly balanced and tender. The flavors popped into the mouth urging for more and more ( but we couldn’t be spending our bank accounts here right?)
Moving on to the unique and yet a very different item on our list. It was the funnel chicken by LADY MARMALADE. Straight to the point, it was a festival dish which was a must at karachi eat 2019. The presentation and the beauty of the funnel bun gave vibes of a food festival to be honest.
Just a soft break from the savory, we had churros from churrosity. The only disappointment was when they mentioned they’d dip our churro into chocolate and actually for some apparent reason brushed it only( too much literal expectations, maybe they would have a better relationship with customers if they’d learn to be literal)

How could we not try PARSI FOOD. So we tried PRAWN PATIA from SMOKING LION. The name does not depicts much about the food cuisine. We went towards the stall to see a lion on fire. Ofcourse it was unrealistic and confusing too. On a serious note, we couldn’t be happier to eat such a delicious prawn curry and rice .

SLAMWICH was a total nail on. They served the best sandwiches nom nom. Perfect size and yummilicious flavors! We tried their davinci which looked outclass. It tasted great too! We also tried their meat and melt which was soothing to the tastebuds but if I had to choose amongst both, my love for davinci was deep, so deep that I had to feed myself twice with it.
we had our true dessert at RIGOS. They served freshly baked cones offering savory as well as sweet. We chose to try their nutella madness. After loading ourselves with chocolate rush indeed this was the time we realised we need to vent off our hyperglycemic states somewhere so we eventually speeded up towards the kid zone.

Childrens had there own zone to enjoy. There were games and rides for the little ones. Not sure if the little ones were comfortable with the haunted house but the big ones were for sure. Its always a great scenario when the family is brought together and bonds well while playing along with each other . Games for all!
It was not only games but also music. This is a formulation of a perfect combination. Bands like darvesh, fuzon, noman, tariq etc played the night away.
Soon the Hunger pangs called for the chapli kababs, we had to go desi after so much of the junk. PESHAWARI chapli kabab gave us good food for a good price.
As the sun set it got a little cold, to express our love for tea we had to make this excuse so that it could justify us having teas from all around the block.The famous CHAIWALA and CHOTUCHAIWALA were our basics. The TAKHT E CHAI was out luxury drink because it was one of the most expensive tea there perhaps due to its zafarani scale. How could we not try the 20 Rs Wali chai served by tapal danedar and last but not the least FREE TEA AT the ecolean.
There were much more interesting food items served such as golgappa shots, red taco, kulfi, bunkababs, crabs, doritos chat, cronuts, chocolates and nuts etc but we have mentioned the stand outs.
For us its a wrap!… perhaps next time they should consider expanding the area making it spacious so that karachites wouldn’t be bumping into one another so often if they really intend to cater karachi. The venue was super easy to penetrate for those hitting the khieat19 early only, the late comers had to experience all sorts of hurdles from the parking to the traffic so this proverb was fitting in clearly ” early bird catches the worm”. Hats off to the people working there day and night to pick up trash and keeping it clean. The hand cleaning was well seen by safeguard as well as cool n cool. An event set up at such a high level comes up with a lot of challenges and if everything ran smooth its certainly not a let down. We would love to visit another festival soon seeking much more improvements in the future. Till then Happy eating karachi.

Written By :Sidra Akhtar