“It is so shameless to peep into the personal lives of artists” Said Khalil-ur-Rehman on Second marriage!

Renowned drama writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar denied the rumors regarding his secong marriage with Eshaal Fayyaz, an actress of film Kaaf Kangna. He raged over this rumor as he stated that;

“I strongly condemn and reject absurd and baseless news of my marriage with heroine of my film Kaaf Kangna,” he wrote.

“It is so shameless to peep into the personal lives of artists like us and destroy our images,” he said.

“I solemnly declare nothing of the sort ever happened between me and the heroine and we were just working together to complete the project in quite a professional way”,

Eshaal Fayaaz also slammed down all these rumors on social media and clarified it on Saturday ;she said: “My relationship with Khalil ur Rehman Qamar is that of one between an actor and a director, nothing more than that”.

Taking to hteir social media platforms, the two refuted the rumors once and for all!

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