It’s the time to…Dhinka Chika!

Like any Salman Khan movie of the recent past, everything in the film has only one purpose – to make Sallu look like the biggest star on the planet. I doubt we will ever see him doing any down to earth, real roles where Khan takes a huge risk and experiments with his persona. The hit songs from his past films have also portrayed him in the same larger than life way. And let’s face it; the music of any Sallu film is usually better than the film (Veer? Anybody?)

Ready starts with quite a bang with ‘Character dheela hai’. Pritam once again dishes out the kind of tune that he now probably composes in his sleep. Neeraj Shridhar still croaks in a fairly adequate vocal performance and I have to say that there is a faint Himesh hangover lurking somewhere in the song. Lyrically, it refers to ‘Munni’ and ‘Sheila’ proving that those 2 hits are now firmly rooted in popular culture. It’s a fun song and has a snappy beat. Which means its post-release shelf life is probably a healthy 4 to 5 weeks instead of the usual 4 to 5 days.

Next up it’s the sugary ballad ‘Humko Pyaar Hua’. K.K. was born to sing these kind of ballads that throw in the formula English verse that is wrapped around some generic romantic lyrics about love and longing. It’s quite a snooze fest and is background music for slow motion shots of the romantic lead at best. It’s still better than the boring remix stuck at the end of the CD.

The highlight of the Ready’s music is ‘Dhinka Chika’. Even though he is doing the usual routine, Mika somehow sounds fresh. Of course, the song is only half the battle as the other half is the visual appeal of Sallu and new-babe-in-town doing a synchronized dance, something similar to what our Tamil movies dish out twice a day, everyday! Will it match the super success of say ‘Mauja hi Mauja’ or will it be forgotten like ‘Jugni’ from Tanu Weds Manu? My guess is neither. Because the big song of this film is the first one.

‘Meri Ada bhi’ revives a 90s MTV hit ‘Mera Laung Gawacha’ before it switches tracks and gets a life of its own. It’s another dancy song that relies on the beat and some decent singing by Tulsi Kumar. But the song belongs to Rahat Ali Khan who shows his party side and does it quite well too. But at the end of the day, this one will belong to Salman and the song will not have half its impact without those muscles. The remix of this one is better though.

Ready is a safe album to invest in, in case you are the type who buys music. It has enough highlights and tunes to keep you rocking for atleast 2 weeks. Its modern, yet rooted. Its fun, yet not over the top. But it could be a case of overdose with earlier releases (viz. F.A.L.T.U., Tanu Weds Manu etc etc) Ready could get lost in the cacophony of similar songs. But post Dabbang, Salman is definitely the ace in the pack.