Istanbul by Faraz Manan comes to PBCW 0’14

One of the renowned Fashion Designers of Pakistan Faraz Manan is all set to showcase his work at Bridal Couture Week 0’14. Faraz Manan has previously been showcasing his amazing Lawn collection for S/S 0’14 & his Nawabi Collection at Ensemble Karachi.
Faraz Manan’s name is synonymous with swoop-back pleated twill, glamorized shirtwaist and bespoke curvaceous gowns. His sartorial creed and detailed craftsmanship is often neatly tucked into a sheer-body skimming layers or underneath the voluminous fads of thick, tapered silhouettes.
Overtime, Faraz has established himself as veteran in prêt wear, Lawn and Couture and Bridal wear. He has received appreciation and acclaim for his work show internationally as well as locally. And he is back to showcase his exquisitely enameled pieces collection that’s all set to win hearts.

Faraz is exhibiting his collection titled ‘Istanbul’ at Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2014. Inspired by the beautiful fusion of Asian culture and European flavor present in Istanbul, Faraz has conjured up fabulous creations out of ChikanKari, thread work, and Swarovski fabric to execute this glamour. His collection encapsulates couture and read-to-wear Women’s and Men’s wear for an androgynously chic collection. He has also used regal hues like golds and metallics, ice blues nude, prinks and olive greens, to translate austere elegance into his very warp and weft.
This Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2014, Istanbul by Faraz Manan will be a collection, gathered, tucked, embroidered and fall loose in rumpled luxury with a perfect blend of western fusion with eastern embellishments.
To put it simply, it will be a showcase that will make the onlookers travel to Istanbul to appreciate its cultural diffusion through Faraz’s signature shamrock and roses patterned bodice and intricate stone-work.

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