Is Anurag Basu planning a sequel to Barfi!?

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Anurag Basu

After rubbishing reports that he’s planning a second part to the hugely successful film, Anurag is now apparently toying with the idea of taking the tale forward

With Ranbir Kapoor’s character dead in the film, the possibility of creating a sequel to Barfi! Was almost impossible. But director Anurag Basu never denied the idea of taking the movie forward in some other form. In fact, Basu was keen to develop the character into an animated form for a television series and the producers too were equally excited about taking the baton forward.

The movie, a phenomenal success which bagged almost all the prestigious awards this year, has made Basu change his mind and look at the possibility of recreating the magic of Barfi! A popular entertainment channel has claimed that Basu is interested in making a sequel to the original film; and in fact he is interested in taking it forwards in two parts.

Now, this prospect might sound exciting and we are quite sure that the filmmaker can take forward the plot forward convincingly. Would you like to see Barfi! Yet again with two more equally moving and inspiring stories or you think it is a cult film and should never be touched again?