Irrfan urges Hollywood to adopt Bollywood culture

MUMBAI: Indian movie star Irrfan Khan, lauded for his roles in “The Lunchbox” and “Life of Pi,” has urged Hollywood directors to adopt Bollywood’s love of flamboyant song-and-dance routines.

The ubiquitous actor, whose credits also include “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Darjeeling Limited,” told AFP that US blockbusters would benefit from a injection of musical hoopla, Indian style.

Khan, 48, is one of Bollywood’s most internationally-recognized exports, carving a stellar career at home and in Hollywood where he has worked with Oscar-winning directors Danny Boyle and Ang Lee.

Ahead of the US release on June 12 of “Jurassic World,” Khan’s latest Hollywood film, the Rajasthan-born actor said the American movie industry could learn a lot from its Indian counterpart.

“The informality and personal connections in Bollywood are nice,” Khan said during an interview in Mumbai. “Things are too compartmentalized in Hollywood, and the system can be rigid.

“Also they should imbibe our song-and-dance culture. I think Hollywood could do wonders with it,” added the father-of-two.

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