Irfan Junejo calls it a quit from Vlogging arena for good!

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The famed You Tuber Irfan Junejo has called it a quit from Vlogging industry as he was facing mental health issues due to social media fame and vlogging. Some celebrities supported him wholly but many celebrities advised him not to do that and he should fight back. Not only that he quitted from vlogging he has squeezed his social circle and doesn’t attend prestigious events that elevate youtubers talent.

This is what he has to say in his recent post regarding his mental health issues and his vlogging journey;

“I have stopped using Twitter, and I barely use my camera.”

“I don’t have any confidence left in me to make anything that I really want to make and I’m too scared to say what I really mean.”

He further said that he is going to quit vlogging but would continue if he would feel like that!

We hope to see him again on social media as an influencer!