Interview with Fashion designer Nida Azwer

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Nida Azwer

Recently we had the opportunity to catch up with Nida Azwer. In April she showcased her collection at PFDC Sunslik Fashion Week 2013 that win the heart of critics. In an exclusive interview with she talked about her PFDC experience & inspirations.

Images of Nida Azwer PFDC Collection 2013 can be found here.

Such platforms like PFDC and BCW are taking their toll, do you think fashion shows could really help Pakistan be a fashion inspiration for other countries?

Nida Azwer: It is a great platform for Pakistani designers to showcase their collection and I really do hope it becomes a source of inspiration for other countries in the coming years.

PFDC showcased 32 designers this year 2013, according to you which designer did justice to the show?

Nida Azwer: I think designer has something unique to offer so in their own way, every designer did justice.

Tell us about your collection. What inspired you?

Nida Azwer: I was inspired from the works of William De Morgan, potter and tile designer and Morris, artist and designer, where fantastical birds, floral fauna and animals were engaged as intricate and popular motifs in their work.

Since you’ve started your career in the fashion industry is it now different from that time? And how?

Nida Azwer: Since ive started working, I feel that the industry has been growing and with that I am also growing so you get to see something different each year.

Tell us about your favorite outfit that you showcased at PFDC?

Nida Azwer: Each outfit has been special for me so it’s difficult to pick one. I love all of them.

What goes through your mind when you’re about to show your collection?

Nida Azwer: I need to make sure the models are looking right and carry it well.

What are your thoughts about PFDC & Client Response you get from PFDC?

Nida Azwer: PFDC is a great platform for everyone to showcase your designs and you have buyers and international and local media which gives you great coverage.

What’s your specialty in designing?

Nida Azwer: For formal and bridal, very fine detailed embroidery and cuts, for prêt wear, signature cuts and screen prints.

Any message for the young and new talent of Pakistan

Nida Azwer: Be confident about your work and be sure of yourself.