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Tell us little bit about QOD? What are the different QOD products and treatment ranges?

QOD Cosmetic is a company headquartered in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. Our work relies on three fundamental pillars: innovation, creativity and quality. Taking inspiration from hair stylists all around the world, the brand offers a wide range of products, which mix international trends with Brazilian natural sources, for professional and retail markets. QOD basically works with 3 product ranges: QOD (professional), QOD City (retail only) and QOD Barber Shop (men´s beard and hair care).

QOD, as a cosmetics exporter, has always been committed to offering the best products available on the cosmetic industry. In order to achieve this goal, we develop hair treatments with unique formulas. Our products are tested and certified by Intertek (UK), registered and approved by ANVISA (Ministry of Health Brazil).

Shiny damage free voluminous hair is big amongst Pakistani women. What treatments or products you will recommend?

QOD MAX SILVER is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Its improved formula was developed with key ingredients, like a blend of acid proteins that guarantee straight effect and unique shine, resulting in an incomparable hair treatment. Its violet pigment protects blonds, blanched and highlighted hairs avoiding the color fading and the yellowish effect.

QOD 30 DAYS STRAIGHT EFFECT is a Brazilian Smoothing treatment composed of the original Brazilian keratin and a blend of acid proteins that realign hair, providing natural straight effect for 30 days. Formulated with vegetable butter, this treatment replenishes lost lipids due to heat, chemical and mechanical procedures. QOD 30 DEL also contains silicones that improve hair combing, delivering intense shine, moisture and taming frizz.

QOD Argan Oil 0,73 is a hair treatment with deep penetration, a blend of argan oil and low weight silicons. It has a higher concentration of argan oil, which guarantees the professional treatment performance, shine and softness superior than conventional formula.

What is your current shampoo method? Does frequent shampooing do more damage than good?

QOD Shampoos are Sodium Chloride free and have balanced PH for maintenance of QOD treatments. It does not damage hair and get better result if correctly applied combined with their Conditioner “couple”

Are there any specific after care guidelines post a QOD hair treatment?

All QOD shampoos and conditioners contain balanced PH for maintenance of QOD treatments. Some of treatments have their all line for maintenance as Prime, Gold, Max. The rest are all capable of efficient if applied as a post QOD hair treatments.

The straightening and conditioning effects of QOD Brazilian Keratin Products won’t last as long if your client doesn’t use a shampoo and conditioner that work with the treatment, rather than against it. Shampoo and Conditioner are specially formulated to lengthen the treatment’s effectiveness. Among other things, they are free of sodium chloride – a chemical that reacts with keratin and can strip it out of the hair prematurely.

The men’s line has some very interesting products. If you could pick two as your favorites, which products will you choose and why?

Most sold QOD pomade in Brazil: Fabulous. This product was made in a partnership with the master barber Fabian Garcia from Netherlands and have a great result!

QOD BARBER SHOP FABULOUS HAIR STYLING POMADE MEDIUM HOLD – The hair styling pomade signed by the master-barber Fabian Garcia from Netherlands.

– Medium hold pomade, suitable for styling hair with long-lasting durability
– Lustrous shine for your hair style
– Water soluble product
– Does not weigh hair down!!

Fabulous is a hair styling pomade that holds like wax, but washes out like a water-based pomade!

QOD BARBER SHOP BEARD & HAIR SHAMPOO is specially formulated to cleanse and moisturize both hair and beard. It contains the Custom System exclusive complex, composed of bamboo and ginger extracts, enriched with vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Why? It’s a 2 in 1 product and contain the exclusive complex Custom System moisturizes, remineralizes and stimulates skin regeneration, specially for the ones who suffer from razor burn when shaving It also improves hair and beard texture, providing a shiny and soft look.

What is QOD Brazilian Keratin?

QOD Brazilian Keratin is a revolutionary, keratin-based hair treatment originating in Brazil that truly transforms the hair. Keratin, the primary protein of hair, nails and skin, is a natural substance which helps return hair to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state. Unlike other techniques, straightening with QOD Brazilian Keratin replenishes the condition of the hair without changing or damaging its molecular structure. It can be used on all hair types.

There are several keratin treatments on the market: why should I insist on QOD Brazilian Keratin?

QOD cosmetic offers the most authentic, highest quality Brazilian Keratin products on the market today. Any stylist who has used QOD Brazilian Keratin products will tell you: they are more effective and last longer than other keratin-based treatments, producing significantly more volume-reduction and far more shine.

Ten years ago, QOD was the first major company to create a reliable and professionally produced Brazilian Keratin product – QOD MAX – which quickly became the bestselling formula in Brazil. QOD products continue to be Brazil’s most successful high-end keratin treatment formulations.

QOD Max Silver is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment containing an advanced formula for straight hair effect. It is QOD 4th generation of organic keratins – not containing formaldehyde on its formula. A product developed with key ingredients, like a blend of acid proteins that guarantee straight effect and unique shine, resulting in an incomparable hair treatment. Its violet pigment protects blonds, bleached and highlighted hairs avoiding the color fading and the yellowish effect.

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