Imran Khan had been offered a Bollywood movie by THIS legendary Indian actor!

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A video went viral in which Imran Khan gave an interview to an Indian Channel a long ago telling everyone about Bollywood movie offer. After much insisted by the audience, the cricketer and present Prime Minister told the name of the Indian actor who offered him the movie. Dev Anand wanted him to play Roony in his movie but Imran Khan turned down the offer as he though he was a cricketer and may not be suitable for acting.

Not only that, Dev Anand also visited him personally and tried to convince him for the movie but he turned down the offer. The incident was also mentioned in legendary actor Dev Anand’s autobiography, Romancing with Life. “Imran was hospitable and obliging, a gracious host, warm and friendly, the sign of a great sportsman,” wrote Anand. But Khan “kept harping” on his political ambition. “Anand left the script of the film with him and Khan returned it the very next evening with a note that said he wouldn’t be able to take up his offer,” Mid-Day reported.

Imran Khan shared his experience shyly

“You won’t believe it but I was once asked by a brilliant Indian actor who we all look up to, to act in one of his upcoming film. In fact, he even turned up in England to request me, but I was puzzled,” Khan said.