Imran get a chance to celebrate Holi due to Kareena’s illess

Seems like Bollywood’s chocolate boy Imran Khan is thanking the stars after he got a long break from his shooting for Karan Johar’s ‘Short Term Shaadi’ as Kareena decided to take a long break from work.

This Aamir’s nephew, who had definitely been waiting to soak in a pail load of evergreen colors by celebrating Holi in a grand way this year, is now quite thrilled after his co-star Kareena Kapoor fell ill, because of which the shooting has been cancelled for few days.

Imran after working for a long length of time without getting an opportunity to take a break from shooting is perceptibly happy that Kareena had solicited the production house for few days off to recoup her health.

This break has now got the actor a ticket to splurge on a Holi party for his friends and family.

Imran has evidently sent out text messages to his friends asking them to celebrate the festival with him.

Imran’s first Holi celebration after marriage
It’s heard that Imran has been planning to celebrate Holi this year with a lavish spread at his Bandra home as this would be his first Holi with his wife Avantika. The actor incidentally didn’t want to refrain the festival for anything in the world.

After Kareena fell ill, the actor seized the opportunity to organize an extravagant Holi bash for his near and dear friends in Bollywood at his Bandra abode.

Talking about Imran, sources close to the unit of ‘Short Term Shaadi’ said, “Imran loves to play Holi. It’s one of his favourite festivals. But due to his back to back shoots, he had given up on celebrating the festival this year.

“When he received the news, that his shoot for the Dharma film got cancelled due to Kareena falling ill, he checked on her health status. After that he decided to plan a last minute Holi party.”

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