Imran Abbas schooled people who troll everyone for not watching Money Heist!

People have gone crazy for the latest episodes of much awaited series Money Heist on Netflix. As the next season uploaded on the platform, the show got trending on Netflix. Money Heist has gained immense popularity among the masses and now it has become symbol of being cool and updated. In Pakistan, when the next season released, the show got trending on number one as people have downloaded it.

There are some people who are not really fan of seasons and have not watched Money Heist episodes at all. Imran Abbas is one of them and doesn’t want it to be considered as the symbol of being cool in society. Afterall, it’s just a show!

He has rather accentuated the Pakistani content and answered indirectly to those who considers watching Money Heist “COOL”!

Here is what he has to say about current obsession of people;

“Those who don’t see Money Heist, aren’t they considered cool? Is it very important to see it and then post a status regarding it? Do I, a poor and backward man, who hasn’t even seen a single season, not have a right to live in this latest and modern world? Perhaps the person who didn’t dance on Madam Noor Jehan’s song “Disco Dildaar Mera” back in the 80s was treated the same way,”

On work front, Imran Abbas has done an exceptional work in drama Dar Khuda Say and currently working in drama Thora Sa Haq, fans are drooling over his versatile performance in both his dramas. Imran Abbas has attained a significant place as actor in entertainment fraternity. Proved his acting chops, the actor has always been applauded by Pakistani audiences owing to his mesmerizing looks and profound skills.

We hope to see him in more challenging roles in near future!

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