Iman Aly had been offered Raees before Mahira Khan: She stated in recent interview!

Iman Aly stated in an interview that she had been offered Raees before Mahira Khan. The reason she did not do it is because she asked them for the script from which they might got offended. Not only that, she also portrayed her view regarding Mahira Khan’s actinbg and thinks that she should have continued Vj-ing.

“I was approached by someone saying there was a film with Shahrukh and I asked for the script to be sent over. I didn’t know they’d be offended at that because asking for a script, even here too, isn’t considered really good,” “The script should be good. And I believe whatever has to come my way would do so, Bollywood or no Bollywood.”

Iman Aly has been ruling the entertainment fraternity owing to her extravagant beauty and flawless modeling skills. She has gained immense love from all over Pakistan!