I’m single but not ready to mingle, says Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor’s life is all about the 3D now – girlfriends galore, mom, family, big ticket films and the multi-dimensional work space. As he turns ambassador for an electronic brand that brings 3D to real life, Ranbir confesses he loves the additional dimensions to his day. “During my leisure hours I love to spend some time with my mom. We discuss few important things which we may have missed during my hectic working schedule. Mom is my best friend. She always forces me to eat her lovely parathas.”

Having tasted love not once, not twice, but so many times, Ranbir seems to be fed up of the Casanova image. Talking about his link ups, he says, “First it was Sonam, Deepika, Shazahn Padamsee, Katrina Kaif and the latest is Nargis Fakhri. Sometimes you guys promote my break ups and at times you’ll say I am back with the same girl.” No smoke without fire Ranbir? He admits, “I am not saying that the media is always making up stories. You also do write facts many a time. But all these link-ups you usually mention is not always correct. You have to confirm everything and then write about me, especially if you say I’m having an affair with someone. I am really fed up of the fact that I am linked up with all my co-stars. Unless we share a good rapport how are we gonna act? Unless we talk to each other on the sets we will not be able to perform to the best of our abilities. But then this does not mean that we are in a relationship. Also you guys mentioned that my break up with Deepika happened because of Katrina, which is again a false assumption of the media.” Have Deepika’s comments on Koffee with Karan remained a sore point? He says, “When we were together, we were open about our relationship. It is unfair to link me and her. She comes from a good family and hopefully will get married soon and settle down. She spoke whatever she felt about me on the show with Karan. She is an individual: I cannot force her to not to comment on me, but maybe as celebrities we need to be careful in our speech.”

He’s beginning to feel the flak of all the unwanted attention. “I am a celebrity; I understand that my fans need to know what is happening in my life, but when I am not having an affair with the names mentioned, it gives a wrong notion about my persona. More so, my parents get worked up, and then they ask me ‘what is all this Ranbir?’ But at the end of the day, at least I am answerable to my parents! I assure you guys that whenever I really decide to get married to anyone I shall surely update you all first.”

Surely the rumours have not been given Ranbir sleepless nights? Bearded and unshaven, Ranbir says it’s a look for a forthcoming film. He says, “I am shooting for Anurag Basu’s Barfee, hence the look. I reached home late after the shoot hence I could not shave my beard, though for this formal look a beard is unsuitable; please bear with it now,” he laughs, clarifying, “Another film of mine is with director Imtiaz Ali. I have not signed any other films. I have not signed any film titled Magadheera.”

Ranbir says he doesn’t really think of himself as a youth icon. He quips, “I don’t have a worked out body like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. You can call them youth icons as they have done so many films and the youth try to emulate them. I am new to the industry and still have many years to go in the industry before I attain the status of a youth icon. I am just three films old; I need to solidify my position. At the moment I am concentrating on my films and my position,” he says humbly. Is is true he’s working with these stars he considers icons soon? “Shah Rukh Khan is a big star and I would definitely be privileged to work with him. No one has offered a film together; Karan Johar hasn’t either. I would definitely love to work with him. This is fake news, media-created. Sometimes, it is ridiculous that media writes we are not doing or doing a film without even confirming the news. This gives people wrong notions.”

Ranbir emphasises once more before he leaves, “I am neither friendly nor do I intend being friendly. All I can say at the moment that I am single and not ready to mingle.” Why do we feel like we’ve heard that one before?

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