“I’m honoured if Coldplay copied my music video” Stated Abdullah Qureshi!!

Coldplay has recently released a song named Daddy which is quite overwhelming and enjoyable.However, the video has somewhat inspired by our Pakistani artist Abdullah Qureshi.The video revolves around a lost young girl who is looking for her father; ‘Laapata’ premiered on Jun 28, 2019, while ‘Daddy’ came out on Nov 20, 2019.

When the artist had been approached regarding the matter; he surprisingly reacted in different manner and stated that; “I myself am a huge Coldplay fan,” said Abdullah. “I grew up listening to them. I feel like if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s the production house – named Aardman Animations – that made the video, unless it was Coldplay’s own idea.”

“But I really think we can’t blame Coldplay, the band for it because I’ve heard their music, I’ve done a lot of research on them, I’ve seen a lot of documentaries about them, I’ve attended their concerts. I know Coldplay, they’re very honest people. You can tell [a lot] about a musician when you listen to their music so I know they’re very honest human beings.”

He added, “Deep down inside, I feel honoured because I’m a huge, huge fan… So even if they did it on purpose, I’m honoured that they got inspired by my work.”

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