The illy’s cafe Lahore

From Burgers to Sundaes, the Loyal plays the Crowd. . .
The menu at the newest restaurant illy’s cafe has something to offer and it often seems as if everybody decided to eat there at once. .
It is such an exceptional restaurant that customers may suspect there’s something wrong with them when they walk out feeling that something was missing. But they’re right. Eating there is like dating somebody who looks great, gives you presents, takes you on trips and tries to convince you that you’re happy until the day you find out that the gifts and plane tickets were charged to your credit card. Hahahaha!
When we reviewed illy’s cafe recently, the owner told me that he and his co-chef were passionate about serving “the real food from the north.” He has let himself have the run of the country at the restaurant. . We tried sandwiches, burgers, pastas, beverages and desserts but the menu offers more than these dishes we ate. . Uh God it’s sad we already got full but in heads we wanted to try their every single dish. .
The interior of the restaurant is simply elegant, nor overly decorated neither plain or dull. .There’s something special about eating at a fine restaurant. The elegant waiting staff with impeccable manners, fancy cutlery, aroma of baked potatoes, and delicious meals give customers a sense of importance. Of course, experiencing the wonderful feelings and savory cuisine that accompany fine dining requires shedding some cash, perhaps more than most people are willing. At many high-end restaurants, customers can expect to spend hundreds of rupees for a meal. There are plenty of customers who are willing to pay for the optimal experience. However, many others prefer eating in a casual restaurant setting; the food is often well-made yet far less costly. If you’re thinking about visiting the illy’s cafe to have the experience then why not today, right now!

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