I think I am getting younger: Naseeruddin Shah

Which movie do we see you in next?
I completed a movie in January called Waiting, directed by Anu Menon. It’s a wonderful script about two people who meet in a hospital — Kalki Koechlin and me.

How was the experience?
It was a very moving experience. We shot it over 25 days in a hospital in Cochin. I enjoyed working with Kalki. She is not only a skilled actor, but also a very disciplined human being with the right attitude.

What are the other films?
There’s Anees Bazmi’s Welcome Back. It’s a fun film where I got to work with a bunch of actors. When Anees told me he wants me for that role, I happily agreed.

Are you now comfortable doing a wacky film like Welcome Back?
I am no more awed by or uncomfortably with mainstream commercial cinema. I think I’m getting younger.

What did you think of your son Vivaan in Happy New Year?
He couldn’t have started with better mentors than Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan. When I started I didn’t have this kind of self-confidence. So he’s 40  years ahead of me. He just needs to be cast in a role where he’d make a dramatic impact. He’d be compared with me constantly, but he is mature enough. There will be a time I’ll be known  as Vivaan’s father.