Humaima Malick – Blazing Glory!

By Marian Sharaf Joseph

There’s not even a single soul in town who does not know Humaima Malick – and after her blockbuster ‘BOL’ she is blazing across the border. Humaima says she always had this ‘thing’ for 35mm film camera!

Making her debut at tender age of 14, she first appeared on ramp for Deepak Perwani. Since then there has been no looking back. Humaima has been lucky, unlike some models – stardom is written in the lines of her palm. Soon after her ramp, she was contacted by director Saqib Malik for a Fair & Lovely campaign. The campaign of Pepsi dropped in her lap. She was the youngest but prominently noticeable in the campaign. She has modeled for numerous high-class ads, taking the lead in Telenor. To top it all, Humaima has had the longest tenure of being the Ambassador of Sunsilk, Unilever – blessed to be styled by Jamal Hammadi.

Humaima has gift for acting – her versatile looks giving her the advantage to explore the different ventures in entertainment industry. Her acting on television screen showed her flawless skills in “Ishq Junoon aur Deewangi” produced by Moomal Prodcutions and “Akbar-Asghari” produced by Six Sigma. This was a deep dive into the glamour and entertainment world. But while ramp and advertisements only exhibited her beauty, television dramas showed she has a lot more than just good looks.

Humaima knows she is born to be a star. During her press statements she has bluntly stated, ““TV actors make people smile. That’s about it. Movie actors, on the other hand, make people want to reach out and touch them.”  Not arrogant, Humaima is only being factual. To her luck, Shohaib Mansoor’s ‘BOL’ has come as a blockbuster opportunity. The film released internationally has taken her to the global market. While critics are busy analyzing its success, Humaima’s twitter is showcasing fans-in-love from India. Co-starred with the pop sensation Atif Aslam, others include super model Iman Ali, Mahira Khan, Manzar Sehbai, Zaib Rehman, Amr Kashmiri and the Lollywood’s notoriously favourite Shafqat Cheema. It seems that fate had planned ‘BOL ‘to be Humaima’s success. Everything turned out to be unlike as planned. The directed initially contacted her for the role of Mina, the courtesan. While her dresses were arranged, Humaima enjoying the glam role; Shohaib changed his decision on the third day of the shoot and offered her the lead role. In another press statement she said, “I wanted to be glamourous, but then I realized that playing Zainab is a huge opportunity and I should trust and him and go with the flow…He made it for me and I made it for him.”

Even India has gone all gaga for Humaima. Interviews, press conferences, reviews – one can give credit to Shohiab Mansoor or the storyline of the film itself, but one certainly cannot deny Humaima’s magnificent performance. In an interview for an Indian publication she boldly stated, “The Pakistani film industry is finally undergoing a revolution and is emerging from the shadow of Bollywood and I am extremely blessed to be a part of this revolution in the Pakistani film industry.”  Rumour heard it say, “Shoaib Mansoor has given us a Shabana Azmi, a Smita Patel.”

25 years old Humaima is confident about her abilities, has faith in her destiny and believes can she can never go wrong with her decisions. Though an ordinary looking child, her mother knew she would make them proud some day. On her journey to stardom, she is filling in the good books of every designer, film-maker, television directed and advertisement guru. The only question is how much stardom can Humaima digest – or will she throw up like some stars did in the recent past? Is ‘BOL’ enough to call her ‘Shabana’ or ‘Samita?’

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