Huge Crowd Witness the Shooting of Ishaqzaade

ISHAQZAADE has been shot entirely on location in Lucknow and small towns around Lucknow. A substantial chunk of the film has been shot in a tiny town called Hardoi, some three hours away from Lucknow.


No film unit has ever visited this town. For ISHAQZAADE’s shoot a crew of hundred and seventy people descended in the town with very few hotels. Predictably it was a huge event for Hardoi Walahs and everybody wanted to witness the shoot and thus ended up as ‘Big Crowd’

While shooting at Hardoi Railway Station (Hardoi, UP), the crowds became highly uncontrollable. 3 to 4 thousand of them had blocked the streets, climbed onto their terraces, climbed on to street lamps and billboards. They were disrupting the shoot to such an extent that the production team had to fool them into believing that the shooting for the day was called off. Only once the crowd left did the shooting actually take place in a hush- hush manner.


It is produced by Yashraj Films, written and directed by Habib Faisal, Ishaqzaade is scheduled for release on May 11th 2012. The movie is distributed in Pakistan by IMGC and PR is done by Encyclomedia PR.