Hrithik Roshan fitness-oriented diet plan in lockdown!

Popularly known as the Greek God of Hindi cinema, Hrithik Roshan believes in the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle. And that’s the reason, even during lockdown, when there are limited resources, he knows how to create a balance and fulfil his dietary needs and stay fit.

Homemade kadha

As a clean eater, Hrithik strongly believes in the practice of detoxing the body and the best way to do that is through homemade kadhas. These days, he is consuming the powerful combination of ginger and turmeric water concoction, which cleanses his system and also boosts immunity.

Lots of water

We all know that 8-10 glasses of water is necessary daily to keep the functioning of body smooth. Hrithik diligently consumes a lot of water , keeping his rigorous morning and evening workout in mind. Also, as it has been suggested by the Ministry of Ayush, make sure that you consume enough water (preferably warm) during these days to boost your immune system.

Protein-rich food

From nuts to milk and yogurt to legumes, Hrithik’s daily diet is pretty dense in protein-rich foods, as they help in smooth building of muscles. Proteins, which are considered as the building blocks of human body are necessary for those who are into weight training and Hrithik being one, knows the art of balancing his workout and diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Hrithik is known for his clean eating practices and it reflects in his fit looks. These days, while we all have limited resources, even Hrithik makes sure to make the best of available means and fulfill his dietary needs. He eats a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables locally sourced or home-grown in the form of sautéed platter, salads and juices.

Hrithik Roshan has always been fitness freak and tend to follow necessary fitness diet to remain in shape. Nothing can beat the power of natural ingredients and healthy lifestyle!

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