How to survive a bad hair day!

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We all know we go through some serious bad hair days every now and then as much as we don’t want to. But we can not even ignore this issue completely on our lazy days. what to do to fool the world? with a little help of style and fashion some tricks can be done in order to take care of any such bad hair day situation. let’s get started!



Hair tip

Greasy hair:

Greasy hair? Unruly mess? A chic way to combat that is to sport a head scarf. Wrap it turban style a la Eva Mendes. Ensure that your scarf is colourful or printed.

Hair tip

Braid the mess:

Long hair that you can’t leave loose? Why not opt for a messy braid. Here’s a secret most hairstylists don’t often let slip, dirty hair holds hairstyles longer. So an unruly mane can easily turn into a sexy braid, think hair champion Sonam Kapoor!

Hair tip

Hide under a hat:

On some days, all we wanna do is wear a paper bag over our heads. Instead, why not wear a wide-brimmed hat that will distract the eye from your hair. Added bonus, it will help prevent UV rays hitting your face.

Throw it in the pony:

A quick fix is a ponytail. Sweep your hair and using a large paddle, brush out your hair. It’s a simple, easy look to wear.