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Every woman wants to look beautiful. Whether it’s a celebrity or a house wife every woman in the world seems to be in the race to achieve the elusive concept of perfect beauty. As a matter of fact, beauty is about looking as well as feeling good about yourself.  Beauty is also not always about what you are born with, but rather what you do with it. It may sound cliched, but sometimes women need a push herself in the right direction to step-up the beauty regimen but all this doesn’t mean to go beauty palours daily for treatment. Following are some of the beauty tips that can ensure you to look gorgeous and attractive:


It’s the most important part of skin routine. Chose cleanser according to your skin type instead of using beauty soap, try to clean your face from cleansing milk so that the dust and oil could remove. Always try to remove your make with the help of toner or cleansing milk and then apply moisture so that it steals the pours of your skin

For dark spots

Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent which removes the dark spots and acne spots and makes the skin clear and fair. Take sandal wood powder add few drops of lemon juice and mix it with rose water  a very pure and natural bleach is ready. This lotion can be used in all seasons for all skin types. It removes the dehydration from skin. Tomato facial pack will remedy the black heads and acne spots and yield a fresh and glowing look. To remove dark circles  take  I teaspoon of tomato juice add half tea spoon of lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric powder and make its paste with gram flour

Soft lips

For soft lips, dampen a washcloth with warm water, and rub your lips to remove flakey skin. Then apply a heavy moisturizing lip balm and smother your lips with it. Do it before to go to sleep and in few days you will have healthy looking lips that are flake-free.

Eyes Message

Put your eye cream and moisturizers in the fridge to keep them cool, When you wake up in the morning, your eyes can be puffy, dark, and have visible veins; but once you massage cool, soothing lotions and creams onto your face, your puffy eyes will disappear.


Eating a healthy diet, avoiding junk foods, drinking plenty of water and following a regular exercise regime will assist in maintaining your overall beauty.

Don’t use heavy make up

Using heavy makeup and powders does not compliment dryer skin. Heavily powdered skin will make your skin look matte and dry. Keep the makeup application light and clean.

Use of Oatmeal

Beauty tip of oatmeal is about to nourishment of skin. Take one table spoon of oatmeal and one table spoon of lemon juice to make a paste with the help of rose water. Oatmeal face pack will fetch glow on face

Use of olive:

Olive leaf extract is also very good for the skin. It can eliminate acne problems and also prevents wrinkle formation. It keeps the skin young and supple. If you are tired of your acne problem then Olive leaf extract can do wonders for you. It cleanses the skin and eliminates acne forever. It will also give you a youthful and glowing skin.

If you follow these tips at your home, you will see you skin glowing and shinning. Taking care of skin is all to make yourself beautiful.