How to keep your skin fresh and hydrated during Ramadan

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Fasting during Ramadan causes skin dryness and our skin lacks moisture. The reason behind this is unhealthy food and our restless routine. Even rest of the months, our skin tends to dehydrated easily due to unhealthy diet and lack of sleep.

Here are some tips to keep your skin fresh during Ramadan.


Drink plenty of water:

drink_waterEvery disease, even a normal dryness starts from your stomach. When your stomach is upset or dehydrated your’e gonna face unknown diseases which can cause anything weird like headache, nausea and pimples. Study says a normal person should drink at least 2 liter water in 24 hours. In sehri and Aftaar try to take as much water as you can before start eating your meal and try not to drink after meal.

Try to avoid sodas and and other cold drinks which cause your stomach upset. Do not drink Coffee too much as it contains caffeine which dehydrates skin.

Other than Water you may drink lemonade and water with cucumber and mint to get vitamins and keep your skin hydrated.


Keep your Skin fresh through massage:

urwa-ebuzztoday-FBYou should be moisturizing your skin in Ramadan it is very important to keep your skin hydrated because due to fasting our skin loses its moisture so you should try to exfoliate your skin daily. For this you can use cleansing creams(Consult your doctor or a skin specialist and use the product which suits your skin).

Taking care of your eyes is also very important as our sleeping timings change and then there are more chances of dark circles so try to take 8 hours sleep and place some cucumbers to avoid or reduce dark circles.


Do not apply heavy makeup

makeup-ebYou should be avoiding heavy foundations when you are in sunlight because it is very harmful for skin. Instead wear a sun block which protects your skin and wear those products which are healthy for skin such as bb cream etc



Eat nuts and berries/Avoid Oily foods:

berries_nuts_and_feta-1When you break your fast make sure you eat some nuts and berries they have a lot of vitamins and minerals and is very beneficial for skin. Not only it keeps our skin hydrated but it is also anti-aging. And try to avoid eating oily stuff as it is not good for skin.