How To Apply Foundation: Best Tips

Having a perfect complexion is not something everyone is blessed with. One usually tends to have blemishes, scars, uneven skin tones, large open pores and such other imperfections.
But not to worry, we have foundations to cover all of that up and give us flawless, glowing skin. Additionally, some of them also help in fighting acne and wrinkles.
Foundations come in different shades and types. The shades are all meant to complement the skin, and hence are available in various skin tones. As for the types, there can be liquid foundations, powdered or even stick foundations.
Read on to find out tips to apply foundation for that flawless skin:
1) Make sure to your face is thoroughly clean with a sensitive cleanser. Then apply a good toner to close up all the pores and smoothen out the skin.
2) Dab your skin with a good quality moisturizer. Keep massaging in round circular motions, avoiding tugging at your skin. Allow the moisturizer to dry for a few minutes.
3) Apply a face primer with the help of a proper makeup brush. This will prevent unnecessary smudging and fading. This will help in creating a smooth base for the application of your foundation.
4) The most important tip when applying foundation is to choose the right colour for your skin.
5)Make sure to test it by applying it on your jaw line and then blend it with a sponge. The colour that mixes with your skin is the right colour for your skin.
6) To get the best results, choose a foundation that is right for your skin texture. For dry skin, choose liquid foundations. As they also double up as moisturizers and don’t have powder pigments, liquid foundations are a good choice for dry skin.
7) For a normal skin that is neither too oily nor too dry, powder foundations are a good option. They are not runny like the liquid foundations and not as thick as the stick ones, making them a good choice for normal skin types.
8) For oily skin, stick foundations are a great option, as they will help to smooth out the skin, and act as concealers too.
9) Initially with the help of the sponge or just the fingertips, dab the foundation on your nose, the cheeks, chin, forehead and any other blemish you specifically want to hide. Take special care of places where the foundations might just collect.
10) Here comes the most vital tip to apply foundation: make sure you evenly apply the foundation on your neck and the hairline and jaw line. It should all blend well at all these places, or your face will end up looking unnatural and masked in foundation.
11) Once the foundation is applied, apply a layer of loose powder to create a beautiful coverage. There you go! we’ve just given you the best way to apply a foundation for smooth flawless skin. All said and done, nothing looks more beautiful than a healthy glowing skin. Incorporate a good life style for yourself today and enjoy a flawless skin forever.
Watch Video Tutorial Here:
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