How these drinks ruin your diet

Sports drinks
One of the biggest weight loss workout mistakes is to drink a high calorie sports drink to rehydrate during or after your exercise session. Depending on the drink you choose, you may even end up consuming more calories than you burn during the workout. It’s true that some athletes may need specialised drinks to perform better, but for most of us, water is the best option.
Weight loss smoothies can be a great meal replacement option if you are busy and don’t have time to cook. But it’s also easy to over-indulge when you’re throwing multiple ingredients into the blender. Make sure you measure your ingredients before adding them and learn to avoid other common mistakes that can turn your smoothie into a 400 or 500-calorie diet disaster.
Regular cold drinks
Have you ever calculated the total cost of your cold drink habit? Have you ever thought about how much weight you could lose if you just changed the way you drink? It might be worth looking at if you are trying to lose weight. If you drink soda every day, you may be consuming over 2,00,000 extra calories every year and spending hundreds of dollars on your drinks. Dropping the soda habit is one of the easiest ways to decrease your total calorie count each day.
Coffee, like soda pop, is a common habit that is hard to break. But coffee lovers don’t need to panic. You don’t have to give up your coffee habit completely. You just need to make better choices. Black, without sugar is the best option. But if that’s too much, use skimmed milk.
Diet soda
Some recent studies have suggested that when we drink diet soda and other beverages that are artificially sweetened, we are more likely to eat more food overall. This might be due to the way we adapt to artificial sweeteners, or it might be because we rationalise that our food choice doesn’t matter if we drink a no-calorie beverage. Either way, your diet soda may not be a guilt-free solution.
Best way to gain weight? Drink lots of booze. Easiest way to lose weight? Limit your alcohol intake. You can use time-tested strategies to limit your alcohol consumption and slim down. Or you can also make better alcohol choices when you do choose to drink.
Juice or juice flavoured drinks
Dieters often drink juice because it sounds really healthy and juice drinks are often not very filling. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t loaded with sugar and calories. Some “healthy” juice drinks contain hundreds of calories.
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