Honey Singh sings Party All Night for Akshay Kumar

Honey Singh
While controversial rapper Honey Singh is being served legal notices and court summons for the song Main balaatkari from Punjab his support base in the film industry seems to be getting stronger.
Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar have pitched in their faith in Honey’s voice.
Akshay Kumar is one of the A-listers who seem to have taken a shine to Singh’s singing. For his forthcoming film Boss Honey has for the first time sung an entire song.
Says Honey happily, “It’s not just rap. I’ve for the first time sung a song for Akshay. It’s entitled Party All Night and apart from the first three words the entire song is in Haryanvi.”
Honey says he’s having a ball collaborating with Akshay. “He’s one of the most genuine and honest stars I’ve met in Bollywood. Most of the time I’m uncomfortable in their company. But Akshay is different.”
Honey seems unfazed by the controversies surrounding the content of some of his songs. His legal team is now sending out notices to all those who claim he has sung the ‘Balaatkari’ song.
Says Honey, “I don’t want to say anything on this matter because it’s been handled the legal matter. But all those who accuse me of singing this number, please prove that I have sung it. Sections of the media are happily quoting me as saying that I’ve not written the song but sung it. I never said that. Please don’t play around with my reputation just because I am young and controversial. I am saying once and for all, I’ve neither written nor sung that song.”
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