‘Avatar’ Director James Cameron Doesn’t Use Smartphones, Hates Social Media

James Cameron’s life blood in his blockbuster films is technology — amazing special effects and gorgeous graphics that you’ve seen time and again in movies like “Avatar.”

But that necessarily doesn’t translate into his personal life.

In fact, the Oscar-winning director revealed to USA Today that he doesn’t use a smart phone and thinks people who are glued to their phones are missing out on life.

“I was the first person I knew to have a cellphone in my car in 1983,” he told the paper. “Now I just see it as a ball and chain. I don’t want to be that available to the world. I don’t want to share every single thing I do. I look around the airport, and every single person is oblivious to the world around them. They don’t live in the moment. I’ve made a conscious choice to not spend all my time … looking down at a device. I refuse to do it.”

He even admits, “I’m a Luddite. But I’m a high-tech Luddite.”

As for social media, don’t get Cameron, 59, started.

Twitter? He has an account but …

“I hate it. I hate everyone else’s tweets, too,” he added. “They’re boring. What can you say in 140 characters? I can’t even clear my throat in 140 characters.”


“I don’t even have a Facebook account.”

There you have it folks, Tweet at Cameron at your own risk!

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