Hira Mani REVEALED something exciting coming up in “Mere Pass Tum Ho” and it is giving us chills!

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Actress Hira Mani has become an essential ingredient for making any drama hit by now. Dazzled us all by her perfect acting chops lately, the actress has marked her place among top notch actresses in entertainment fraternity. From hit drama Do Bol to Aangan, the versatile actress has gone from strength to strength in showcasing her exceptional yet commendable acting chops. We are drooling over the drama Mere Pass Tum Ho featuring the legendary Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan in the lead, now people have shifted their focus on new character as a cameo played by Hira Mani as a disciplined teacher of Roomi.

The actress went on saying in an interview, She has a small part in the drama and would not make it till the end but it has an impact on drama. Her connection with Roomi in the drama is magical and she enjoys it. Furthermore, when she was asked about Mehwish’ s Character in the drama, she revealed that she would not be able to that character and hats off to Ayeza khan for playing it so explicitly.

Apart from that, another shocking statement was that there would be two murders in drama but we are really curious to know about them!