Here is everything you need to know about PHBCW18: Because Strong is Beautiful!

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One of the most extravagant events of the year, PHBCW’ 18 rolled its red carpet from 7 till 9th of December and has maintained the stature of being the biggest platform for all the couturiers, bridal designers and retail brands to showcase their dazzling collections. Pantene has been the gigantic sponsor of bridal couture week and the show started off with an overwhelming display of the hair show. The most jaw dropping ambiance that we witnessed is the glitz and glamour at the Pantene Booth grasping our attention. Totally resonates with the grandeur event of the season, the Pantene justifies the black and gold décor that inculcates interesting activities and interviews of renowned celebrities.

Let’s dig into the exhilarating activities and provide the platform for all the designers to showcase their stupendous collection with stunning hairstyles and makeup to go with!

Here are 14 things you should definitely know to about Pantene’s massive setup at PHBCW18!

  1. As soon as we stepped inside the astounding setup of BCW, we saw the amazingly eye-catching Pantene booth which enabled the celebrities to perfectly portray their aura.
  2. After the red carpet, the big names got the full coverage from media and there were some extremely sought-after interviews of various renowned celebrities.
  3. Sparkling with the mirror work, Pantene stole the show as it initiated a new and interesting activity in which attendees were asked about “what strong means to you?” We were supposed to write on a digital writing pad about our perception of being strong.
  4. The gold and black theme of the booth stood out from the rest of the setups, decorated with an elegant couch and the very current computerized system.
  5. The lounge hosted a variety of known faces as brand ambassadors and allocated extensive coverage to all the visitors, which is quite admirable!
  6. Staying true to their slogan, the Pantene booth gave a food of thought to the people as surely being “strong is beautiful” and Pantene definitely had taken it to the next level by their exquisite campaign!
  7. Furthermore, as the show started, we were totally knocked down by enthralling lineup of hair show by Pantene followed by magical voice of Zoe Viccaji.
  8. The models flawlessly set the stage on fire by their voluminous hairdos by Pantene which further enhanced the ambiance created by Zoe Viccaji with her amazing singing.
  9. All dressed up in white, models were given different hair looks and flaunted their hair audaciously, truly embodying Pantene’s “Strong is Beautiful” message!
  10. Starting off the show with magnificent showcase of healthy and shiny hair raised our expectations to new heights for the upcoming designers that included couture rulers like Nilopher Shahid, HSY, Everthine, MNR, NickieNina and Muneeb Nawaz!
  11. To top it all off, Pantene also organized a quick award ceremony in the midst of the fashion show to acknowledge the efforts and hard work of the designers! The step was very well received and adds another point for appreciation for the brand!
  12. PHBCW gave us all the amazing opportunity to see experienced celebrities strut their style as showstoppers for the amazingly talented designers.
  13. Celebrities both Showbiz and Lollywood significantly added to the beauty of the entire experience and ambiance by walking with an enthusiasm and zeal which made our hearts skip a beat!
  14. Last but not the least, the systematic environment provided by Pantene for the entire event was something out of our dreams and made the event memorable!