Have You Tried Yoga?

Yoga is practised to refine your mental and physical abilities. Meditation is a major part of it. Meditation brings you closer to yourself also. Postures of Yoga are designed in a way that they cleanse, purify and tone the body, completely. They affectively shape up the mind for better processing and stimulation. Yoga also enhances your ability to practice pranayama and meditation without distraction. Along with this it also improves flexibility, stamina, strength and balance. You experience better functioning of your nervous and endocrine systems and internal organs. Pranayama enhanced quality of your breathing. Yoga is not a difficult practice at all. Even if you have not tried it ever you can start with these simple techniques. In the start you should go slowly with the procedure. Understand your body limits and strengths. Listen to your body if it says “stop,” stop. Don’t push it.Yoga is a kind of sport that doesn’t require a hectic workout. Nor it requires speed to win as in competition. Neither it requires you to make any scores to win. This fantastic but extremely relaxing sport gives you peace of mind, shape-up your body as well.Enjoying everything you do is very important to satisfy your soul and excel the task. Don’t force your body to stretch and squeeze. If you do this you will not enjoy Yoga. And it will lose it’s real meaning and effectiveness.


Here are some Yoga tips to apply;


  1. Always select those poses that are appropriate to your mood, energy level and body limits.
  2. Start with mild and easy postures then gradually take yourself to the stronger level.
  3. Always breathe evenly in and out through the nose throughout the postures.
  4. Do not be quick while getting in and out of the pose.
  5. Never strain in a pose – if it hurts, stop immediately.
  6. Do not practise the postures in front of a mirror. Focus on how the pose feels, not what it looks like. It also diverts the    concentration.
  7. Always get into the postures gradually and soflty.
  8. Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. If doing the exercises inside, make sure the window is open to allow plenty of fresh air into the room.



You communicate with your mind and body through breathing. Breath is said to be the interface or a medium between the physical body and the mind. The power of breathing practice to change your state of mind is extremely strong. Breathe in the fresh air into and out of your lungs. In begining try to enhale and exhale for two minutes gradually afterwards extend the time upto half an hour or more.


In the begining practise pranayama(breathe in and out) lying down on the floor and then gradually manage yourself to be able to sit upright with your spine straight.Breathe evenly in and out throughout the postures. Never force your breathing in pranayama. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly. Some people feel dizzy or light-headed, return to normal breathing at once. Never rush with things and practise all exercises as softly as you can.

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