Hamza Ali Abbasi criticized people who are adamant to offer prayers in Mosques!

Taking a dig at so called religious personals in the society, the actor Hamza Ali Abbasi shared a tweet in which he is furious over these people who are still offering congregational prayers amidst epiedemic.He has given religious reference to educate those people and stated how our religious has given us ease if we face such circumstances; “Allah has given ease in his prayer from Tayyamum/Qasr/praying at home in case of bad weather, let alone a deadly virus. but it feels like the Clergy in my country is becoming like the Pharisees of Bani Isarel who want God to do what they say rather than surrender to what God says.”

It naturally sparked a discussion and received some negative and positive comments on his tweet!


Under this difficult situation, we should act like one nation and unite to combat against this deadly epidemic. Pakistan has somehow not hit that hard by the virus as it is assumed that we have strong immune system but that mean that we should take the situation lightly and not follow the instructions.

Allah accepts our prayers even if we do that at our homes because it’s the faith that maters the most.

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