These Halal Nail Paints Are The Perfect Makeup Hack for Muslim Women

Makeup has became the necessity of life and every girls loves it. But it is quite trickier for Muslim women, especially if you have nail paint on we can’t do wuzu. Like every other girl, Muslim women also want to wear a nail paint and flaunt heir beautiful hands but for wuzu they have to wipe them. You can’t have them for the whole day.
But no worries ladies

An international Brand Orly Beauty has a solution to this problem. They teamed up with which is a digital platform voicing Muslim women saying, “Muslim Women Talk Back”
They have created halal nail polish which is breathable and doesn’t mess up your wuzu. They claim that the ingredients are totally halal having a permeable formula approved by the Islamic Society of the Washington Area. They’ve started a campaign #HalalPaint, to make Muslim women feel inclusive and accept diversity when it comes to beauty trends plus the nail paints are healthy too.

These nail paints have hilarious names such as Haram-Bae, #MuslimGirlFire, The Perfect Amani-Cure, What The Fatima?, IG-Noor The Haters, and Wallah Bro Wipe Out

Azmia Magane from said in a statement that Muslim women need representation in mainstream beauty trends and that’s what #HalalPaint is all about.

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