Hair fall in summers? Time to take quick action to curb the situation!

Monsoon has begun in Pakistan these days and it has a lot of effects on us as well. One of the major issues that we face is the Hair fall problem. Oily scalp, hair fall, dull hair and dandruff are the problems that crop up during the monsoon. Hair experts say it is a temporary phase and can be controlled with the right treatment. To curb this situation and keep our scalp and hair healthy we need to take immediate steps. Rain can cause immense damage to your hair and to avoid it, we have come up with some amazing tips to follow and enjoy the weather to the fullest! This high-on-humidity weather plays with your hair and ultimately ruin your hair follicles.

Here are some tips you can easily pull off which you ignore otherwise!

Use mild shampoo:

Always look for the mild shampoo if you wash your hair on everyday basis as it would not damage your hair and prevent it from fizziness. In this weather, due to humidity, the scalp produces more oil than usual and hair fall also increases, to avoid this situation, wash your hair and scalp regularly along with conditioner.

Stay hydrated:

It’s mandatory to keep your hydration level up to the mark as it would make your hair healthy and less prone to breakage and damage. Drink plenty of water every day and add juices in your diet to stay fit.

Balanced diet:

Having a nutritious balanced diet is really important to have healthy luscious hair no matter how many good products you use for your hair. If your dietary routine is not appropriate, you can’t have healthy hair and that’s also a major cause for hair fall.

Aloe vera Gel:

Aloe vera Gel is proven to be beneficial for hair fall and baldness as it stimulates hair growth and gives a new life to your dull frizzy hair.


Piling and massaging your hair regularly is quite important and vital for healthy looking hair. Try to oil your hair three times a week especially in monsoon to keep them strong.

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