Hair Colors That Look Good On Every Skin Tone

Knowing your skin tone can be helpful in many ways. If you can determine it, then you can know which color flatters you and which fights against you. But if you can’t figure it out don’t worry I have got you covered and suggested 4 hair colors that might flatter your complexion in every way!

1. Chocolate Brown
It’s subtle, but it makes a difference in more than the hair. Going from black to a rich, warm brunette gives skin an added glow. It’s the perfect color, it’s in the brown family but it’s not too dark nor too light. As Goldilocks once said…it’s just right. The best part of this hair color is, it won’t turn brassy. It’s like our prayers to God have been answered.

2. Gold Accents
There are all types of golden tones. They’re especially flattering in the summer when we’re a little tanner, since they help pick up the gold in our skin. Gold isn’t one-size-fits-all. A golden beige, flatters cooler skin tones, or you can have more of an amber gold, which is gorgeous on warmer skin tones.

3. Honey
Think of honey as the denim of hair colors: It goes with everything. Since it’s not too warm and not too cool, it’s like a neutral. There’s nothing you can’t do when it comes to honey hair color. It can be a great base color or even highlight color on any skin tone. What sets honey apart from gold is its depth: It’s a little darker and has more richness to it.

4. Beige
We know: Beige hair sounds boring. It’s not. (call it “fawn-colored”.) Most skin and hair colors tend to be on the cool side, these beige tones don’t fight with them but instead flatter them. Bone or wheat tones fall under the beige category. If you have a darker skin, you can experiment on the deeper end of the spectrum. A good option: Peanut-butter tones. One of our favorite things about beige hair: It actually looks better when the roots grow in.

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