Gulshan Grover isn’t ashamed with the intimate scene with Katrina Kaif

Memories from the past seem to have come back to hound Katrina Kaif. Especially ones that she would surely want to forget. Recently it was reported that the DVD of her first film Boom will be re-released in the market with some never-before-seen footage. And these unseen portions include an intimate scene between Katrina Kaif and Bollywood’s patented bad man – Gulshan Grover.

Katrina was new and naïve then. Today she is superstar and sophisticated. It could be embarrassing for her that after all these years the explicit footage will now come out in open. Ask the other person involved in the scene, Gulshan Grover and he says, “I have never been embarrassed by that scene because I merely play a character in it. Today every talent knows that any photograph or video footage of their which they would have wanted to go unnoticed earlier, would somehow resurface with the kind of media and medium we have today. So they are prepared for it”.

Going back the memory lane, Gulshan Grover says, “The scene that you talk about shot between Katrina Kaif and me is a beautiful sequence shot on the backdrop of the aquarium of Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. I am not ashamed or unhappy about it in any way”.

In fact he reasons that the scene was earlier cut from Boom because of length issues. “The film was such that its eccentricities did not gel with the Indian audiences then. It was ahead of its times. In fact I make it a point to show the Boom DVD to my Hollywood friends because they seem to understand and appreciate the film better”.

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