Gulaal Lawn – Q&A

Q) What is the inspiration behind your collection and how many designs?

The collection is inspired by the flowers, and summer color tones – in particular, the lighter colors that people like to wear during the summers. Also, the collection itself has explored a number of colors that are suitable for prolonged summer.

Q) Which colors and patterns you have worked with most?

Generally speaking, there is no particular color or pattern that has been used the most since all designs are unique in terms of their patterns, concepts, and color combinations.

Q) Which is your favorite piece in the collection?

Venetian Rose (item code GL07) is my favorite piece from the entire collection. We spent considerable time sampling for this particular outfit since it has extremely intricate cross-stitch embroidery that takes a very long time.

Q) Are you more excited or nervous about the launch?

We are more excited about the launch. We have literally put in a lot of effort marketing the collection, and ensured that all elements of the product (in terms of finishing, processing, and quality) are perfect for the customers. We have a very strict quality control mechanism, so our customers can be assured of the quality of our product.

Q) When should we expect Volume 2?

Volume 2 would be launched before Eid-ul-Fitr and would bring more innovation to the overall concept of the designs.

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