‘Gulaab Gang’ is a commercial potboiler: Anubhav Sinha

gulaab gang

Mumbai: Anubhav Sinha says his ‘Gulaab Gang‘ is a commercial potboiler and he does not think of it as a risky proposition.

Gulaab Gang‘ stars two powerful actresses – Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla as the leading ladies of the film.

Anubhav does not feel the film is women-centric.

“I do not see it as a women-centric film. I liked the story and found it a commercial potboiler. I was not sceptical to back it as the cost of production was not that big. I did not think it as a risky proposition,” Anubhav told us.

The makers always had Madhuri and Juhi in mind for the film.

Anubhav says bringing the two senior actresses onboard together for the film was not difficult.

“It was not difficult to bring them on board. I was apprehensive how the film would be shot. But we are happy it has exactly turned out the way we had expected,” he said.

Considering Madhuri and Juhi were rivals when they were ruling Bollywood, there were reports that initially the two did not get along well.

“There were no fights or anything of that sort. There was no negativity. We had fun while doing the film,” Anubhav said.

In the film, Madhuri leads a group of women fighting against the social injustice, while Juhi will be seen in a negative role as a politician, for which she was not too convinced initially.

“She (Juhi) playing a villain… A negative role was something unexpected. Juhi first asked us to mellow down certain things. We did it but she realised that there was no point in doing that as that is the main essence of the film,” the filmmaker said.

Directed by Soumik Sen, ‘Gulaab Gang‘ releases on March 7.

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