Grooming Tips for Men

Everyone wants to look good and attractive regardless of gender differences. Psychological facts show that it’s in human nature that he desires attention and admiration. Thousands of means are available now-days to make women look the way they want to. What about these cool dudes? Boys, if you are not getting what you need all that is required is a little grooming to make you the guy you want to be.  Hair styling is the favorite part of the men to work at. Here are some tips with products you can apply or use respectively to add charms to your personalities.

For Spiky Hairs:  You can use “Gatsby Spiky Edge” Gatsby Spiky Edge is the brand’s best selling line of hair wax. Gatsby Spiky Edge contains poly-stretch fiber leaving your hair with more volume and thicker look. Don’t worry about flakes, it will give your hair a very strong hold and low shine and let you reshape your hair all day. Additionally the scent will leave your hair smelling like sweet green apples throughout the day.

Type: Hair Wax

Hold: Very Strong

Shine: Low

Smell: Green Apples

Always find a gel/wax with these given types and hold if you have short spiky hairstyle. Other recommended brands are Short Sexy Hair Gel and Bed Head Hard Head Mohawk Gel (for strongest grip).

For fairer skin tone:  Males have different skin conditions than woman for obvious reasons, so applying a fairness cream for ladies doesn’t add to your fairness much. Recently Fair & Lovely brought Menz Active Fairness Cream. Formulated by the Unilever Skin Research Centre, men have found this cream to be significantly better than women fairness creams in side-by-side tests. It gives fairness in 6 weeks upon twice daily use.

Aftershaves:  If you’re not particularly used to cologne, then you can should use after-shave, but remember that its scent might not last until lunchtime. If you do splash on your Calvin Klein cologne every day, you’re better off using the accompanying after-shave. Some recommended after-shave brands pick the one that delight your senses. Good life by, Davidoff, Chrome, by Loris Azzaro and Polo Sport, by Ralph Lauren.

Colognes:  2011 tend of colognes brought earthy warm based fragrances. Last year’s ingredients were vetiver and bergamot. This year new scents based on the traditional aromas of wood and musk, are added rare herbs and flowers also. To choose cologne you should keep some things in your mind. Select your cologne based on occasion that is work, date, formal, or play. Try a new fragrance new it is a best way to hit the Refresh button on your style. Some of the recommended colognes are D&G 11 La Force, Tom Ford Azure Lime, Van Cleef and Arples Midnight in Paris and Dsqaured2 He Wood Rocky Mountain.

Skin Moisturizers: A good moisturizer should be rich in essential fatty acids and oils, vitamins and minerals, nutrients, botanical extracts, and antioxidants. Some ingredients you should look for when shopping for facial moisturizers are Shea butter, Glycerin, Silicone and Green Tea. For guys with Normal Skin, Lab Series Skincare for Men Daily Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 15 works best. For Combination Skin type, use REN’s Matte Balancing Fluid and for Dry Skin, Nivea for Men Rehydrating Moisturizer.

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