Grab heels this Eid ul fitr: Ebuzztoday has enlisted the best brands to choose the luscious Heels from!

Waaoo yaar! 

Trying to have sprucing your look this eid? But are you just focusing on alluring fancy outfit but not shoes? Well, then you have to think again! No outfit turns out to be it’s 100 percent if doesn’t correspond with the shoes but we would say Heels! Elegance and style are totally justified with pair of captivating heels and aren’t we all just obsessed by them, the moment we see the amazing collection in the brands?? 

To make your eid looks utterly out of the box with trendy pair of heels, we have selected the stupendous brands of shoes to make your look jaw dropping. 

Nothing can beat the heels, agree? 


Recently, we visited this out of Borjan in Emporium and wao!!we were spell bounded by the new collection of the brand within nominal price range. You can get your heels from 1500 to 3500, which in our opinion is worthwhile when it’s a question of comfort level and style statement! Transparent heels are our choice this eid and they have some amazing collection of it. So do check it out! 


When you are looking around for the best pair of shoes and couldn’t find it anywhere,Insignia is the just the right place to pay a visit and grab the heels of your choice available in various styles and colours. You would definitely find the exemplary heels that you have been looking for. The price range is around 4500 to 5000, which is not that much nominal but who cares if you find the shoes that you really want in your wardrobe especially for your eid! 


All time favourite brand of young ladies especially when it comes to casual and formal shoes. Almas has never disappointed us in terms of comfort level and exquisite designs. When we step inside the outlet we are enthralled by every article and can’t control ourselves as we want to have it all! 

They have grandeur heels that we always fascinated! From diamontes on top to the jewels, the brand has successfully brought the house down by its so on point collection of shoes! 

The price range starts from 1500 and goes til 3000!

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