Google pay tribute to squash player Hashim khan by customizing his doodle!

Google pays tribute to Pakistani squash player, Hashim Khan via modifying his doodle, it inculcates Hashim Khan hitting the ball in the squash court. The google shows respect to the player by stating, “one of the sport’s all-time greatest players”.

The doodle released earlier today, on April 4, the date known to mark the 1951 British Open Championship. The player has won 7 times consecutively, following his first victory in championship and acknowledged his name at the top internationally.

Today, Khan is remembered as one of the dominant patriarchs of the Khan family. From the 1950s to the 1980s, him and his cousins Rehmat Khan, Jehangir Khan and Torsam Khan dominated the sport sharing victories amongst themselves. He passed away in August 2014 due to heart failure.

Born in 1914, Khan was raised in Peshawar, a small village in what was then India. His father worked at a British officers’ club with squash courts where Khan apprenticed as a ballboy. Learning the ropes of the sport while on his off-hours, Khan played barefoot on the club’s rough brick courts—an early testament to his tenacity. By age 28, Khan became a squash pro and soon after, a national champion of the sport. After winning three All-of-India titles, the newly independent government of Pakistan drafted him to represent the country at the 1951 British Open.

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