Good news for Hugh Jackman Fans! Wolverine is turning into another superhero!

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Hugh Jackman, who said goodbye to the character of Wolverine with 2017’s Logan, says he is “open” to portray another superhero on the big screen. The 50-year-old actor said he never viewed Wolverine, the Marvel Comics character that he played in nine films over 17 years, as a “superhero”.

“Oh yeah, I’d be open to that. Yeah, for sure. I mean, for me I never saw it as a superhero, even when I got Logan and I didn’t know much about the X-Men series or comic book series, I was like ‘these are great characters’,” Jackman said.

“All of these people are flawed characters. Sure they have extraordinary abilities, right, but they are all really flawed, and that’s what the movie’s about. That’s why people relate to it,” he added.

Jackman is currently awaiting the release of The Front Runner, which also features Vera Farmiga, JK Simmons, Alfred Molina and Sara Paxton.The biographical drama, directed by Jason Reitman, follows the rise of American Senator Gary Hart, a Democratic presidential candidate in 1988, and his subsequent fall from grace when media reports surfaced of his extramarital affair.