Good Food Tour by Foodpanda in Islamabad 2019: An exciting line-up of enticing cafes in Islamabad!

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The most anticipated good food tour by Foodpanda has made us all adrenaline charged. A journey that inculcates high-end and luxuriant restaurants that tend to serve the tantalizing entrees to food-oriented influencers. The basic forte of the tour is to heightened the specialties of cafes and restaurants, making it easier for food lovers to opt accordingly. Mesmerizing and aromatic food items had definitely captivated us to the fullest and we sheerly enjoyed every bit of this auspicious food tour.

Talking about scrumptious food, the tour incorporated cafes like Mocca, atrio, mindanos and the hot spot that served their exclusive delights to the attendees including, socialites, influencers, media personals and bloggers respectively. Whether it be Italian cuisines or heavenly desserts, the delectable yet succulent food items had gotten our praises for sure!


A much-admired coffee place to cherish your evenings, Mocca has always been the foremost choice of coffee fanatics. Starting off the immaculate journey of heavenly food, mocca served us with some of it’s tantalizing coffee flavors with macrons, appetizers and cheese cakes to go with. Contented by services,quality and of course, luscious taste!


Geared up to relish every bite while enjoying the best view from the rooftop. Atrio serves the best range of items in Hi-tea and perfect hangout place especially in winters. We were served with grilled chicken and beef stakes with delicious salads and fresh fries. Drooling over divine taste of these tempting dishes, it was impossible for us to stop ourselves from having it more! A must-visit place for all the food lovers in Islamabad…


The only place in Islamabad where you can satisfy your cheese cravings utterly. Mindanos served us with exotic cheesy delights that have engrossed us via exceptional taste. From parmesian chicken to cheesy pasta cuisines, Mindanos have taken it all to whole new dimension

The Hot Spot:

Last but not the least, Hot Spot gratified our sweet tooth temptations as it served tender molten lava, cheese cake slices with strawberry sauce topping and chocolate cake that have given our taste buds an fascinating treat!.