Giving Due Respect to Pakistani Women

Women once punished for wanting rights and questioned for their happiness, are now redefining the meaning of the sentence “it’s a man’s world”. It has been hard for society to understand the rules of employment for working women in Pakistan. Hence today, we need to change the definition of a successful women, she can be a housewife, a mother and a caretaker, as well as the CEO of a company. The bitter truth however still lingers, the truth that we still have a long way to go. Sometimes it seems as if nothing is changing, but if one manages to find the right examples, they would be left amazed. It has always been challenging for the rebellious ones to find their way amidst the monotony or rather make their way within the monotony.

Such examples are not hard to find, however in a society where men hold the reigns, it is always difficult to spot such women whose rebelliousness has been appreciated. But the times are changing as young talented women are making their mark and being appreciated for doing so. For our country to prosper, both women and men need to put their fair share into society. And to stay true to the subject it is also extremely necessary that we give certain people their due share of respect. It has never been a drought as far as talented people are concerned, but the ones who made it should become the faces of empowerment in the eyes of others.

For the past two years CCBPL has been acknowledging and appreciating women who have given back to society by awarding them at the Savvy & Successful award ceremony. These women have achieved many milestones and became an example for the rest of us.

But it has never been easy for such success stories to be recognized without challenging society and its uneven norms. Last year, CCBPL has given the following women their due share of respect by awarding Savyy & Successful awards:

Ayesha Farooq

Ayesha Farooq has become a symbol of inspiration and courage for Pakistani women, she is a female Pakistani fighter pilot, one of the 5 female Pakistani Air Force Pilot. She is not only one of the 5 Pilots in the Pakistan Air Force, she is also one of the 6 women to pass the final exams and has qualified to fight in battle. Ayesha Farooq is now ready for flight missions and will fly the Chinese-made F7PG jet alongside her 24 male colleagues in Squadron 20.

Samina Khayal Baig
Samina Khayal Baig

No mountain is too high for a woman with ambition as high as a mountain. Samina Khayal is the first Pakistani woman to climb Mount Everest, which happens to be an incredible achievement, but even more remarkable is the fact that she is the third Pakistani to climb Mount Everest, proving that woman are parallel when it comes to success. She is also the first Muslim woman to climb the seven summits; making Pakistan and Pakistani women from around the world proud.

Nilofer Shahid-ebuzztoday

Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid, a name that epitomizes brilliance and perfection. Her brand name Meeras is the result of her passionate design skills, often celebrating the vibrant heritage of Pakistan. She has had the honor of exhibiting her work alongside “Balenciaga” who is known as the King of Couture. Commenting on the recent award, Nilofer effused, “I applaud CCBPL’s efforts to recognize and celebrate Pakistani women from diverse fields. It is so important that we laud our heroes, and give them credit where due. I am so incredibly happy and proud to be a part of this stellar initiative. This recognition is a source of pride and inspiration for those millions of women across Pakistan who work every day, not only as artisans and entrepreneurs, but as mothers and wives as well.” Her work has been showcased in Haute Couture Week 2006 Paris, making her the only Pakistani to show her collection on the Paris runway and the list of achievements continues.

The progress and lives of these women should be documented in order to shed light on the brighter side of society. They not only struggled but they made it, which makes a big difference to our country at the end.